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How to describe the VersaChlor Systems

The VersaChlor easy feed chlorination system consists of two fully engineered and assembled total package systems and several component kit options along with specially engineered calcium hypochlorite tablets. It is designed specifically for hotel, motel, apartment complex and condominium pools and spas of all sizes. The calcium hypochlorite tablets offer a cyanuric acid-free solution to problems associated with trichlor, bleach and bromine based systems.

The VersaChlor system works by diverting a side stream of water through the unit and over a sieve plate so only the bottommost tablets come in contact with water, thus preserving the tablet’s integrity and allowing operators to dial in predictable rates of chlorine delivery.

With few moving parts and no small, easy to clog openings, the VersaChlor system requires little maintenance and infrequent cleaning.

VersaChlor systems are designed to work in conjunction with ORP controllers to maximize tablet use efficiency. The Total Package System I and System III come prewired for easy connection to any ORP controller.

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The Easy Feed System III Package

The System III Package comes factory assembled, pre-wired and ready for dealer installation. It is pre-plumbed atop a compact, elevated aluminum frame making final plumbing connections quick and easy. The System III’s modular design incorporates an inlet/outlet bypass valve that facilitates easy cleaning for low maintenance operation. Refer to the VersaChlor System III Package product sheet and installation manual for additional information.

Engineered for pools up to:

  • 300,000 gallons (outdoor stabilized)
  • 150,000 gallons (outdoor unstabilized)
  • 500,000 gallons (indoor)

The Easy Feed System I Package

The System I Package comes factory assembled, pre-wired and ready for dealer installation. It also features the skid-pack configuration of the System III – for easy start up with minimal on-site plumbing connections. The System I Package incorporates the same self-cleaning loop assembly as the System III Package for easy, efficient cleaning. Refer to the VersaChlor System I Package product sheet and installation manual for additional information.

Engineered for HMAC pools up to:

  • 80,000 gallons (outdoor stabilized)
  • 40,000 gallons (outdoor unstabilized)
  • 150,000 gallons (indoor)

The I(a), III(a) and LF-12

VersaChlor systems are also available in unassembled kits and components. The System I(a) and System III(a) are available as stand alone chlorinators best suited for gravity feed and suction side feed applications. The LF-12 is ideal for spas and wading pools and allows multi-pool aquatic facilities to remain on the same system. The LF-12 is available as a stand alone chlorinator or with a separate venturi installation kit.

Refer to the VersaChlor installation and selector sheets and installation manuals for additional information.

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