Who can become a VersaChlor system dealer?

  • Pool management companies
  • Pool service companies
  • Pool builders
  • Professional swimming pool dealers
  • Other select pool professionals

Is the VersaChlor system right for you?

It is if any of the following statements describes you:

You are...

  • Already working with an active commercial client base
  • Looking to grow your revenue stream
  • Focused on managing all aspects of your clients’ pools properly
  • Ready to get away from the cyanuric acid issues of trichlor
  • Committed to staying in front of changing regulations
  • Tired of the hassles and hazards associated with bleach
  • Servicing multiple pools spread over a wide geographic area
  • Looking to gain operational efficiencies while locking in long-term business
  • Interested in selling a quality system that’s been proven effective in commercials pools nationwide

The VersaChlor System Advantage

There are plenty of benefits that come with being a VersaChlor system dealer, but one stands out above the rest: opportunity. As in the unique opportunity to enter a new niche in the commercial pool market place with products designed expressly for that niche.

Hotels, motels, apartment complexes and condominiums form a significant portion of the commercial pool industry and are often in need of the expertise you provide.

When you focus on HMACs, you’ll find your time and effort are well spent and handsomely rewarded.

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Understanding HMACs

Hotel, motel, apartment complex, health club and condominium managers have a lot on their plates and often no time to understand the intricacies of managing pools. Yet they’re still responsible for making pool-related decisions.

As a result they rely on you to provide expertise. You’re their source for information on chemical use, regulations, controlling costs and maintenance as a whole. 

What it all comes down to for them is: they want chlorination expenses locked into the budgets they set, and they want their pools to be safe and remain open. You’re there to help make sure that happens.

For more of the information that’s important to them, visit our Commercial Pools page.









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