Why Sweetwater Pools Chose the VersaChlor® easy feed chlorination system

I wanted to be the first person on the train. Not sitting at the station when the train’s already left.

— Marc Wise, President of Sweetwater Pools

Brandon Bean and Marc Wise of Sweetwater Pools

Sweetwater Pools is a full-service pool management company that has experienced tremendous growth in the southern states. One major reason for their success is a commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

This proactive attitude is why President Marc Wise and Vice President Brandon Bean began using the VersaChlor system as an alternative to trichlor systems—a common choice throughout Sweetwater’s markets—that they foresaw becoming problematic due to stricter cyanuric acid regulations.

“I wanted to be the first person on the train,” Wise says. “Not sitting at the station when the train’s already left and wondering what we’re going to do now.”

Some of Sweetwater’s clients didn’t initially see the writing on the wall, however. Commercial pool owners are often unaware of how trichlor can contribute to cyanuric acid build-up, which lessens chlorine’s effectiveness and delays recovery time in the event of a recreational water illness outbreak* like cryptosporidium.

As Bean points out, “It really opens people’s eyes when you say ‘you don’t want to be on trichlor and this is the reason why.’ ”

But effectiveness against pathogens and bacteria isn’t all that sets the VersaChlor system apart in the eyes of Wise and Bean. They also praise its versatility and convenience.

“The biggest selling point is that they have multiple models,” Wise says. “So we can chlorinate a spa or a baby pool all the way up to our largest pools—which are 300,000 gallons—on the same system.”

This ease of use is important to Sweetwater because the lifeguards who use the systems day in and day out are often seasonal hires that need to be brought up to speed quickly.

“We hire brilliant, awesome kids,” Wise notes. “But they’re high school and college kids and they make mistakes. If we can meaningfully reduce the mistakes, that’s what we’re going to do.”

It’s no wonder, then, why Sweetwater chose the safe, simple-to-operate VersaChlor system and why they recommend that you jump on the train, too.

Sweetwater Pools

Sweetwater Pools is a full-service pool management company. They serve major southern cities including Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Greenville, Nashville, Savannah/Hilton Head area; and surrounding areas.

For more information or to contact Sweetwater Pools visit their website.


* Source: Current CDC guidelines for responding to a diarrheic stool contamination of a swimming pool cannot be applied when 50 mg/ml cyanuric acid is present in the swimming pool.

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