The VersaChlor® easy feed chlorination system

Available for any commercial pool, anywhere in the country.

Three durable chlorinator models and specially engineered calcium hypochlorite tablets form our advanced chlorination system. 

This system is based on globally proven technology and is designed specifically for hotel, motel, health club, apartment complex and condominium-sized pools and spas. That means commercial pools and spas now have a solution to the problems associated with trichlor-, bleach- and bromine-based systems.

The VersaChlor system works by diverting a side stream of water through the unit and over a sieve plate so only the tablets on the bottom come in contact with water.

This preserves the integrity of the tablets above and contributes to predictable chlorine delivery. Each model also allows users to dial in delivery rates based on their pool’s needs.

It’s an extremely effective system featuring few moving parts and no small openings that easily clog, freeing operators from constant maintenance and limiting cleanings to only once per year in most cases.

    • VersaChlor I(a) chlorinator

      HMAC pools up to:
      • 80,000 gallons (outdoor stabilized)
      • 40,000 gallons (outdoor unstabilized)
      • 150,000 gallons (indoor)

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      • VersaChlor III(a) chlorinator

        HMAC pools up to:
        • 300,000 gallons (outdoor stabilized)
        • 150,000 gallons (outdoor unstabilized)
        • 500,000 gallons (indoor)

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        • VersaChlor LF-12 chlorinator

          HMAC pools up to:
          • 20,000 gallons (outdoor stabilized)
          • 10,000 gallons (outdoor unstabilized)
          • 50,000 gallons (indoor)

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          • VersaChlor System I Package

            HMAC Pools up to 80,000 Gallons Outdoor
            • Features VersaChlor I(a) Chlorinator
            • Factory-assembled and ready for dealer installation
            • Pre-plumbed atop a compact, elevated frame

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            • VersaChlor System III Package

              HMAC Pools up to 300,000 Gallons Outdoor
              • Features VersaChlor III(a) chlorinator
              • Factory-assembled and ready for dealer installation
              • Pre-plumbed atop a compact, elevated frame

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            *Stabilizer levels assumed to be 15 ppm. Treatable gallons vary depending on factors such as bather load, climate, stabilizer level, pool code requirements, etc. The maximum pool size may vary based upon individual pool code jurisdictions.


            Patented VersaChlor cube-shaped tablets

            NSFNSF/ANSI Standard 50 listed. Also NSF/ANSI 60 listed for areas requiring this listing.

            What sets our calcium hypochlorite tablets apart from liquid bleach, trichlor, bromine and the like? Lots of things…

            Unlike trichlor tablets, VersaChlor tablets contain no cyanuric acid.  Users are free to add as much or as little stabilizer as they may need. That means with VersaChlor tablets there is no CYA buildup to slow the action of chlorine in cleaning and disinfecting the water.  Also, VersaChlor tablets release chlorine at a predictable rate. Together, these tablet features make it easy to sustain proper chlorination and help prevent illness-causing bacteria from forming in pools and spas.

            In water, bromine tablets form hypobromous acid as a primary disinfectant.  However, hypobromous acid cannot be stabilized. As a result, its use in outdoor pools will lead to rapid degradation from the sun’s u.v. rays.

            VersaChlor tablets are five times more concentrated than liquid bleach. The tablets come packaged in a 37.5-lb. plastic pail, allowing for an easy to store and handle container compared to heavy, bulky bleach drums. The tablets are easy on pool equipment and surfaces, too. A scale inhibiting formula allows for clean chlorinator operation.

            VersaChlor tablets are specially engineered using a proprietary process and are put through extensive quality control so they won’t soften and clog the system like other brands of tablets.

            Independent testing by NSF International has proven their efficacy in VersaChlor easy feed chlorination systems in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 50. They’re also Standard 60 listed for areas requiring this listing.

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