Having more water to manage doesn't have to mean more work. The VersaChlor III(a) chlorinator provides larger HMAC pools with the same advanced technology found in smaller VersaChlor system models, but is engineered for high volume locations.

Its durable construction and remarkable efficiency helps to make short work of the more substantial bather loads these pools impose, while a compact design keeps it conveniently out of sight and out of the way.

Engineered for HMAC pools up to:

  • 300,000 gallons (outdoor stabilized)
  • 150,000 gallons (outdoor unstabilized)
  • 500,000 gallons (indoor)

*Stabilizer levels assumed to be 15 ppm. Treatable gallons vary depending on factors such as bather load, climate, stabilizer level, pool code requirements, etc. The maximum pool size may vary based upon individual pool code jurisdictions.

Advanced Features
    • Hard piping provides durability

      • eZ-Out Sieve Plate Basket holds VersaChlor tablets, eliminates need to remove tablets by hand and is easy to clean

        • Optional VersaChlor III(a) system Utility Funnel allows easy adjustment of chlorine delivery rates for maximum efficiency

          • Included Rusco® sediment trapper blocks debris from float valve

          And like all VersaChlor system models it has…
          • Proprietary tablet erosion technology so water only contacts the tablets on the bottom and those on top remain protected
          • A Cal-hypo system that eliminates over-stabilization common with trichlor systems while consuming less acid and causing less mess than bleach
          • Few moving parts, so it requires minimal maintenance
          • No small, easy-to-clog holes, so cleaning is needed far less often—usually only once a year
          • A durable, scale-reducing design
          • Multiple installation options (Log in to dealer page for specifics)
          • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 certification
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